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Apartments for sale in islamabad


Wooden floors are one of those structures of a home which value instant class and attractiveness to it. We all love the look of fine polished shiny hardwood floors and want to have them in our houses.

Apartments for sale in islamabad

Without any doubt, wooden flooring is a nice way to make your property look charming, but it also demands a lot of care, especially in unpredictable weather conditions such as ours in Pakistan Especially in term of Real Estate business. In addition, wooden floors are a great asset to increase your property’s value and can be an appreciated strength when selling the house especially in Pakistan. If we look at fine examples, Hussain Co Pvt Ltd. is offering well-furnished floors and wooden work in their apartments and shops. Hussain Co shared some tactics:

Consistency with Cleaning:

Now a days, using a fine cloth or a vacuum cleaner, shines the dust off your floors. Dust can be harmful for wooden floors as it can generate small scratches on them. Do not use a drizzly wipe on wooden floors as wood is subtle to water and will swell if it stays moist. Instead, use a slightly humid wipe if you have to and dry the floor carefully with a soft towel.

Counter the Stains:

Never use normal stain removers on wooden floors. They will harm the polish of the floor and can harm the wood itself. Instead, go for particular wooden floor stain removers and use even those carefully. A substitute is to make your own normal cleaners and use those. A worthy option is to brew teabags in water and use that fluid to clean the floor. This will also give your floors a nice polish. Again, do not let your floor remain moist. For something solid like chewing gum, first put frost on it and then remove it very carefully with a plastic scraper.

Shine is the Best Policy:

Wooden floors need to be polished frequently to keep their beauty. It is an optional that you have them polished at least three to four times a year so that they last a lifetime. Refining them also covers up any minor flaws or scrapes that the floor may have suffered.

They will Last Forever:

To make your timber floors last a lifetime, get them smoothed and polished every two years or so. This will remove noticeable damage and make your floors brand new.

Prevention is a Great Formula:

The best way to keep your woody floors is to avoid any damage to it to the best of your capabilities. To stop scratches, put gear pads under the legs of your furniture. Also, when stirring furniture, never drag it. Carry it sensibly so that it doesn’t scratch the floor. Put down rugs in traffic areas of your house so that they do not get spoiled or dull over a period of time.

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